I offer virtual one-on-one coaching to help clients meet personal health and wellness goals.

I focus on sustainable habitual modifications that allow you to create a life in which you thrive in.

I believe and was trained in bio individuality. In my practice, I take a no client is the same approach. Therefore, each program will be individualized to you.

Each program begins with a 30-minute breakthrough session to discuss your goals, where you need support and how I can best guide you. This allows us to get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit as the client-coach relationship is a partnership! Commitment is not required after your breakthrough session.

The Jump Start Program

A customized group coaching program designed to empower women to step into the change they’ve always envisioned for themselves  

This 3-Month Program Includes:

  • Bi weekly group sessions of 4-6 women with alike goals and aspirations 
  • Individual check in’s 
  • An opportunity to shift your mindset and relationship with both food and exercise 
  • Customized actions steps to create sustainable lifestyle changes to meet your goals
  • Resources like handouts, podcasts and book(s) related to where you need the most support

    *This program is only offered several times a year. Book a discovery call for more information.*

    The Boldly Balanced 6 Month Transformation Program

    A individualized program designed to help you tap into your potential, make real, sustainable lifestyle changes and create a life in which you thrive in!  

    This 6-Month Program Includes everything in the jump start program plus:

    • Bi weekly sessions that allows us to dive deep into the 5 pillars of life and derive a realistic action plan to achieve your goals and create balance
    • Recipes based on your eating preferences, lifestyle diet and budget
    • Education on Intuitive eating and real, whole foods
    • Master Mindfulness
    • A deep focus on balance and alignment
    • *A supermarket tour at the grocery store to learn how to navigate in a way that aligns with your lifestyle diet 
    • *A pantry makeover 
    • Access to me via e-mail and text in between sessions to offer extra guidance where needed + so much more..

    * Local clients only


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